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Smartphone & Tablet Repairs Auckland

At Skynet, we provide Smartphone & Tablet repairs and other IT services to both business as well as domestic users across Auckland.

Our highly qualified and experienced technicians can provide a solution to most of your smart devices problems.

Services we provide:

At Skynet we do smart digitizer repairs and we maintain many different types of smartphone equipment. We specialize in working on desktop and tablets as well.

Technology is continually evolving, therefore our technicians keep up to date in order for him to be able to analyze and troubleshoot each specific job.

Why you should get the device fixed with us ?

Our smart devices repair technicians usually work with high standards and quality control assuring that we go above expectations, at our location in Albany, North Shore.

  1. *FREE Quote
  2. Insurance Report Available
  3. IT Certified Technicians
  4. Onsite Repair Service Option
  5. 3 Months Repair Warranty
  6. *Same Day Fix Available
  7. Affordable Prices
  8. 100% Reliable Service
  9. Genuine and OEM Replacement Parts
* see our Terms and Condition

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