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Network & Wi-Fi Solutions - North Shore, Auckland

We'll keep your network and server problems to a minimum with our Managed Network Services preventing any downtime and disruption to your business.

Benefits of network management

Our Network Management services are available to all sizes and types of businesses. We can use a remote automation tool to remotly connect to save money, and our expert IT support technicians to provide a unique range of benefits:
network management auckland north shore

What we cover

We provide ongoing network management in Auckland region, as well as consultation, design, implementation, or configuration of all the following technologies (and more):

We have vast experience of Windows and Linux servers (plus the underlying hardware), including Active Directory administration and Group Policy management. We also cover virtualisation and high availability solutions.

Directory / Account Administration
We manage Directory Services for many clients, including their data security, access to resources servers and desktop computer settings.

Using industry-leading remote monitoring and management software as a base, we've modified it to check all the key elements of your network and infrastructure, so we continuously check for potential issues that may arise (Event Network Management) and pre-emptively resolve problems. We keep everything running smoothly, report on the health of your systems and provide inventories as needed.

Local Area Network
We can manage your security and network access (firewalling), as well as IP network configuration (DNS, Name hosting, DHCP, addressing schemes and so on) to meet your requirements.

Cabling and Ethernet
Installations, surveys, compliance testing and documentation are conducted by our qualified technicians, whether the cabling is Ethernet or Fibre Optic.

LAN, VLAN and Wireless
As well as physical cabling we're able to help with your LAN network management and configuration, including virtual network segmentation (VLANs) and Wireless Installations and configuration. This covers ongoing maintenance, optimisation and security.

We can setup cloud based software on your phone as well as your computer for easy access of your personal information from anywhere around the world.

Computing over distances (remote working, or site-to-site connectivity in a WAN) requires security and efficient routing of network traffic. We can manage this for you to ensure that this works as flawlessly and reliably as possible.

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