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At Skynet, we provide computer virus removal to both business as well as domestic users across Auckland.

Our highly qualified and experienced technicians can provide a solution to most of your problems via remote access (TeamViewer, Logmein). However, if that's not possible, we'll offer on-site computer repairs services as well.

Services we provide:

What Is a Computer Virus?

Identity Theft, Phishing, Privacy, Viruses, Worms

A computer virus is a small program that attaches itself to other pieces of computer code (like a document or application) and runs without your permission or knowledge. It spreads when these “infected” files are shared with another computer.

Lucky we are here to help in cases like these. At Skynet we will help you to prevent getting a computer virus by offering you different recommendations.

Or another basic way to explain this: A virus is like flu, if someone has the flu and comes in contact with you, you have a very high chance you will get it as well.

A virus is also a generic term for any kind of “malware” – bad stuff that can end up on your computer like worms, trojan horses, or spyware.

How Do You Get Infected?

Your computer can become infected if you open a document or application that is infected with the virus. If your friend or family member or business partner has an virus on their computer, you could become the next target and get infected by sharing a file with you and you access the file. Make sure you keep your antivirus updated at all times 5 minutes a day will save you a lot of down time and hassle.

What Can a Virus do to My Computer?

Some viruses are destructive and can delete files from your computer or erase your hard drive. Other viruses can show a message or playing a sound on a certain date. There are heaps of viruses out there, don’t just click on a pop-up that it’s too good to be true.

How Can You Remove a Virus?

We recommend that you try us, and let us help you. By keeping your operating system updated and using multiple anti-virus products on the market that will scan for viruses, doesn’t mean you are protected.

Get your computer seen by us before is too late, remember if you leave it and hope that the virus will go away you will have a high chance that you will lose all your personal data.

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